Each client’s needs are different. We offer a full range of design services to cater to your particular requirements:

  • decorative schemes (colour, fabrics, finishes)
  • furniture layout options
  • sourcing furniture, soft furnishings, art and antiques
  • designing joinery and bespoke furniture
  • lighting, layout and building changes
  • technical drawing packages for contractors

We work with contractors, suppliers and others to turn the vision into reality and to ensure the project is delivered as intended.

If you are about to embark on a project the best time to involve an interior designer is as early as possible, when you are still thinking about options. Our input at this stage can save a lot of headaches and waste down the line, and avoids missing opportunities when it is already too advanced to change something.

our design process

How it works

Clients who have not worked with an interior designer before sometimes ask at the outset “how much will it cost?” or “how long will it take?”, but it is rarely possible to answer those questions at the start. We just don’t know at that stage because there is still so much to be decided.

The design process for each project, large of small, will follow the same overall stages:

Stage 1:
Preparation and brief

We meet to discuss your objectives and view the property, after which we prepare a project brief and design analysis. Initial questions of survey and plans are addressed. We also discuss your budget and other requirements.

Stage 2:
Design Direction

We create presentation boards for each area with indicative ideas for zoning, styling, colour and materials etc. We have a meeting with you to discuss and review with your feedback. At the end of Stage 2 we have a clear idea of what will be needed to implement the project and the work that will be involved.

Stage 3:
Design Development

This stage is one of the most involved, in which we turn the approved design concepts into fully resolved designs, sourcing what goes into the rooms, getting quotes, preparing detailed drawings for contractors, etc.

Stage 4:
Technical and logistics

This goes hand in hand with Stage 3 usually. We work with contractors, suppliers and others to explain the design concept. We can help you choose contractors and get quotes if necessary. By the end of this stage, you will have a much clearer idea of overall cost.

Stage 5:
Purchasing and installation

This is when the design is implemented and installed. It can involve a lot of upheaval if you are living in the property. We liaise with contractors and attend site regularly to ensure proper implementation of the design and address unforeseen questions. We can help arrange purchase of items that are being installed (sometimes known as FF&E – furniture, fittings and equipment).


Our fee structure depends on the type of project. We usually will quote for Stages 1-2 initially, and agree the fee structure for stages 3-5 once the scope is clearer.

A drawing created in Stage 3 to show the shape and position of furniture and the proposed mural artwork.

As a result of the sketch development we could make some adjustments to lighten the mural and remove some detail.

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