Bathroom feature in House & Garden

Bathroom feature in House & Garden and 121 Beautiful Homes

We were delighted to see this beautiful bathroom featured in House & Garden K&B and in the US publication 121 Beautiful Rooms.

The concept was to create a Gothic sanctuary with a strong feeling of Victorian “High Church” glamour. You can practically smell the incense!


A whiff of incense

Dispelling the modern myth that pattern cannot be relaxing, the aim in this bathroom was to transport the client to an esoteric sanctuary to delight and soak in.

Reclaimed encaustic tiles from the 1880s, sourced from France, cover the floor and act as a skirting. A stylised Gothic foliage pattern in a bosky palette of browns, greens, taupe and gold, is soothing.

A pewter Victorian style claw-foot roll-top bath and traditional nickel fittings are traditional and comforting.

The zodiac tiles behind the shower are reproductions of an 1880s set created for the Marquis of Bute by the eccentric Gothic revival architect, William Burges.