Knightsbridge project featured on the cover of The London Magazine

Art immersion

We are thrilled to see two rooms from our recent Knightsbridge project featured in the July edition of The London Magazine. The feature is about incorporating art, and particularly murals, into interiors. Collaborating with artists is always a highlight of our work, and it was a complete pleasure to work with Alisdair Peebles and Diane Hill.

We incorporated landmarks from the  family history into an 18th century style seascape

In the main reception room and study, we commissioned artist Alisdair Pebbles to paint a mural loosely based on 18th century seascape paintings by Claude-Joseph Vernet. The grisaille technique (painting in shades and tones, rather than colour) is particularly specialised as the layers of light then dark tones are built up in stages, so that the final effect is not clear until the last layer is applied.

It requires a bold understanding of when is just the right balance of light and dark. Too much dark and it will feel gloomy, too light and it will feel insipid.


To personalise the mural, we included places that have been important in the client’s  family history, such as Genoa, the Dominican Republic and
Boston – which inspired the depiction of the Boston Tea Party.

One of the client’s ancestors was a renowned naturalist who recorded the native birds of the Dominican Republic in beautiful engravings, which formed the inspiration for some of the birds depicted. Touches like these make this room completely personal to our client.

Meanwhile, in this serene and enchanting bedroom (featured on the cover) we began with an idea of treating the flat wardrobe doors as if they were Japanese panelled screens. We wanted to get away from the feeling that the bed was surrounded by wardrobe doors, even though for practical reasons, that had to be the case.

We commissioned artist Diane Hill to work her magic, turning practical storage into a canvas of possibility. The impression is reinforced by the borders and continuing the panels behind the bed. We worked with Diane closely on the design, sharing references of Chinese and Japanese art.

Thank you to Anne Cuthbertson and the team at The London Magazine.