Gothic glamour in Shoreditch

In this Shoreditch home, a combination of features create a dazzling, jewel box effect in this bedroom. The complex and boldly coloured wallpapers are based on designs by AWN Pugin (who also notably designed the furnishings for the interior of Westminster Palace) and William Morris.

Their combination here is original as Pugin’s designs date from 1845 and 1850, the result of two different commissions. The heavily carved fireplace and bed were made bespoke to designs based on Gothic ornament. Handmade reproduction medieval tiles were used on the hearth.

The curtains are a particularly rich feature and their construction is quite complex. They are based on an example in Kenwood House. The pleated valance is suspended from an impressive curtain rod capped with fruit finials. A striking tassel braid in yellow and emerald has been woven bespoke.