The well-dressed window

The importance of curtains

What role do curtains have in a room?

At one level they are practical, providing insulation in cold weather, affording privacy, or blocking out the sun in a bedroom. At night it is comforting to cover up the black windows and create a cosy space.

However, curtains should not be overlooked as a mere functional element. They can be used to create visual interest, frame windows, and control natural light. By choosing the right fabric, pattern, and length, curtains can become a focal point or a subtle backdrop, depending on the desired effect. They allow for customization and personalization, enabling homeowners to reflect their unique style and preferences.


Curtains are not just practical window coverings but an essential element of interior design.

In this bedroom curtain treatment, subtlety was key.

The soft folds of neutral fabric add textural softness but do not distract from the Japanese antique screen above the bed. The curtains just touch the floor, without puddling, which creates a cleaner look and enables them to close and open using the electric system hidden behind the pelmet. The kick pleats on the corners of the valance add a welcome looseness to the pelmet treatment.

In this bedroom we used a deep emerald silk for the curtains with a bespoke contrast fringe in a surprising burst of buttercup yellow. They give the room a sense of splendour that ties in with the gothic wallpaper and rich colours; a plainer treatment or a less vibrant colour would have lacked the swagger that was needed.