Tom Carey graduated as 2014 Student of the Year from the KLC School of Design. Since then he has worked for interior designer, Anna Burles, and continues to work on his own client projects. You can find examples on this site of his residential work, creative designs for commercial projects, and bespoke furniture.

Raised and educated in Oxford, where he read Classics as a graduate, Tom absorbed the beauty of his surroundings and developed a keen awareness of historic styles. He incorporates these influences in his work, while maintaining a contemporary perspective.

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Shoreditch, 1890s house – Dining Room

Shoreditch, 1890s house – Bedroom

Shoreditch, 1890s house – Bathroom

Shoreditch, 1890s house – Sitting Room

Shoreditch, 1890s house – Hallway

Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Radisson Edwardian, Leicester Square

‘Clay’ Bar, Radisson, Leicester Square

Porta Romana ‘Caryatid’ table lamp

Gloriana headboard